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A set of keyword phrases can be used to disqualify strings from being moved to the resource file. These keywords can pertain to either the assignment for the string, a keyword within the string, or be anywhere in the line of code. A keyword or phrase disqualifier can even be placed in the comment section of source code. This is useful in preventing certain strings that you don't want be moved into the resource file.

In general, Registry strings, PropertyBag strings and any "C:\\" file related strings should not be moved to the resource file. These disqualifiers can save a lot of time by eliminating the need to undo strings that have been accidentally moved to the RES file.

The default settings are shown below. The keyword phrases can be modified or deleted to suit your environment. It is also possible to completely turn off keyword disqualification. See the section on string disqualification for a more complete explanation of this feature. See the section on Built-in String Analysis for additional string processing.

NOTE: These settings be accessed from the menu Options-Edit String Disqualifiers. These string disqualifiers are also displayed when a VBP project is processed.

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