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You just created a new version of your Visual Basic project that uses a resource file for all the user interface related string messages! You can click on the links to open your modified project in VB. You can also click on the link to the HTML summary logs to view the contents of the new resource file, the original source code, the modified source code, a summary of strings that were moved, and a word summary.

Most of the work has been completed but a few issues still require attention:

- Test your new project with Visual Basic by doing a full compile (Ctrl-F5) to ensure that no syntax errors were introduced by the string extractor processing. If you have trouble, then see the section
What Can Go Wrong .

- Clean up any strings that were imported from the original .RES file that may no longer be used and can be deleted from the .RES file.

- Make any other string related user interface changes until you are satisfied with the contents of your .RES file and the overall appearance of your application.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Make a backup copy of the new project or check the new version of your project into your source control system so that the .RES file based version of your project is your new code base. If you don't do this, the new version of your project in the \\NEW1 sub-directory will not be in source control and any further coding on the project will be out of sync!!

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