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Viewing Entire Files

In addition to being able to see all the lines of code that use one particular string, it is often useful to view the entire file to see the context of the string and the lines of code around it. First select the string in question to view the lines of code that use this string. Then double click on the line of code that you are interested in. Double clicking on a line of code will open the entire file containing that line of code and all strings will highlight.

This is a power method of processing strings. Use the TAB key to tab to the next strings. The currently selected string will be in bold. Blue strings will be resource file strings, red strings will remain in source code. Pressing the SPACE-BAR will toggle the state of the string. CTRL-TAB will back up to the previous string.

When you close the file, you can allow your changes to take affect or you can discard your changes. Note that the source code is read-only, it can be viewed but not edited.