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Rapid assistance with making your Visual Basic® programs localizable.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly expedite the localization process.
  • Avoid chronic, time consuming localization problems.
  • Get to global markets without burdening your development staff.


Years of experience in Visual Basic® programming and localization efforts allow us to streamline the localization process. Resource Mining helps to fill the void between your internal development staff and any 3rd part translation services. We know all the programming pitfalls in Visual Basic® that cause programmers trouble and cause localization trouble. Our localization savvy programmers will detect and correct programming issues early in the localization process to save you time and money.

Custom ResMe String Filters
ResMe String Extractor customers can obtained custom tuned string filters that come close to 100% detection of all user interface strings. Submit your ResMe generated Moved.log and NotMoved.Log files and a custom tuned string Disqualification file will be generated. Most projects cost $200. Click here for more details.
Complete Localization Preparation
Submit the source code of your Visual Basic® project and get back a fully localizable project with all user interface strings in a Resource file, ready to be translated. Costs range for $400 and up, depending upon project size and complexity. Click here for more localization information and how to get a free estimate.
Localization Advice
There are many options available when it comes to localization and we've seen many of them. Hourly advice for localization strategies is available.

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